Justin Edelson

Justin Edelson

Front-End Developer

Dallas, TX

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Sr. Front-End Developer
05/2013 - 05/2015
Malibu, CA

Vivid Candi is a creative marketing agency founded in 1999. headquartered in Malibu, CA, the agency works with brands big and small, from Sony and Stonefire Grill to the local Mexican restaurant.

Upon returning home from my military service, I joined Vivid Candi as a WordPress developer. Our design team would design a home page and several internal pages. Once approved, I would convert those designs into a custom WordPress theme and use the approved design language to build the rest of the site.

After the first year, I was promoted to Sr. Front-End Developer. In this role, I participated in client meetings and impacted design decisions.

While at Vivid Candi, I had the opportunity to grow as a WordPress developer. I learned WooCommerce, the leading e-commerce plugin WordPress. I also learned how to use several listing and mapping plugins as well as various learning management systems (LMS) plugins.

Key Challenges

Learning WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the primary e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It saves developers a lot of time when building out an online store as it provides a foundation for you to build on. Once you have your payment processor setup and your products added, you're essentially ready to sell.

The challenge is to visually integrate WooCommerce into the rest of the website. WooCommerce doesn't provide any easy methods to accomplish this, so there is a copious amount of CSS styling required. In addition to fonts, colors, emails, product and checkout pages there are general layout optimizations needed to improve the mobile user experience.

Time Management

Working at an agency is similar to working at a law firm; you need "Billable Hours."

Since the agency billed at an hourly rate, tracking time was imperative. Every day was meticulously scheduled and tracked via spreadsheets. In the case of revisions or going over budget, it was essential to be as detailed as possible with our hour logs.

It was rewarding to see where all my hours were being spent. Eventually, it became a habit, and with practice, I could provide accurate estimates for features or revisions.


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