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BHI is a 25-year-old, full-service creative agency headquartered in Los Angeles. Our business card says: Everything you want in an Agency. Except the Agency. — a proposition that’s been especially attractive to clients who’ve had their fill of prima donnas, politics, any process but the thought process, and paying an arm and a leg. We vote early and often for fresh thinking, laser strategies, sharp creative, rapid response, good chemistry, grade cards and fun. We can start yesterday.

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Website Design & Development

BHI's 25th anniversary was approaching and our website needed a refresh. I decided to learn React and use our website as the medium. I researched the different frameworks and libraries, and we decided to use Gatsby, an SSG (static site generator) built on React.

The benefit to using Gatsby versus React is that, as an SSG, your code is compiled on the server instead of the end user's computer. This not only helps with SEO but can also improve your website's loading time and performance.

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