Justin Edelson

Justin Edelson

Front-End Developer

Dallas, TX

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Web Developer
05/2015 - Current
Los Angeles, CA

Big Honkin' Ideas (BHI) is a 25-year-old, full-service creative agency headquartered in Los Angeles. BHI’s clients range from Jefferson National, Nationwide, DPL Financial Partners, LA Auto Show, and UCLA.

I joined BHI as a web developer specializing in WordPress, and throughout the years, I've had the opportunity to expand my skill set. I've learned how to develop backward-compatible emails, animated banner ads, create React applications, and even some video editing.

In June 2019, I moved to Dallas, TX, where I transitioned from full-time in-office to remote. The transition wasn't easy, but it was smooth sailing once we aligned our schedules and began to use Slack. Unbeknownst to us, we were preemptively preparing for Covid the following year.

Key Challenges

Learning React

I've been working with WordPress and PHP for the last ten years. So when the industry started to shift towards SPAs (Single Page Applications), I wanted to learn. The most popular SPA library is React, an open-source JavaScript library initially developed by Facebook.

BHI's 25th anniversary was approaching and our website needed a refresh. So we decided I would learn React and use our website as the medium. I researched the different frameworks and libraries, and we decided to use Gatsby, an SSG (static site generator) built on React. The benefit to using Gatsby versus React is that, as an SSG, your code is compiled on the server instead of the end user's computer. This not only helps with SEO but can also improve your website's loading time and performance.

Backward-Compatible Email

One of BHI's primary clients, Jefferson National, required a brand refresh for their email templates. As a web developer, I thought, "No problem, email can't be that difficult." However, I quickly discovered a critical issue. The challenge was that many of their mailing list recipients still used decades-old versions of Outlook. If that wasn't enough, similarly to developing websites pre Chrome's market dominance, a myriad of email software interpreted HTML differently.

This problem required many hours of research and learning which technologies would work and which would cause serious hiccups. I then had to convey these limitations to the client and design team. Finally, using email testing software, such as Litmus, I designed and developed several email templates that looked on brand and would allow the client to adapt and use them moving forward.

Memorable Projects

Digital Marketing Strategy
  • competitive analysis
  • sales funnels
  • ad campaigns
  • automated campaigns
  • social media
  • content strategy
Digital Asset Production
  • websites
  • landing pages
  • emails
  • display ads
Performance Optimization & Reporting
  • website maintenance
  • KPI tracking and reporting
  • marketing platform optimization
Account Management

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Partner, Creative Director